Client : ENSISA, Architect : Max de cusa + Orobitg A&U, Platform surface : 7,500 m², Project and Construction : 2017/18 —-

Engineering : Helium Engineering (UK) – Valdés (Andorra) – Pondio Ingenieros (Spain) – Michel Virlogeux  (France).

The new multi-use platform is a major technical milestone to connect the “Avet” slope of GrandValira Ski Resort with Soldeu village. The platform area is 7,500m², facilitated by 16Nº post-tensioned composite steel box girders of maximum 78m span with a reinforced concrete deck. The platform is approximately 100m wide with a challenging geometry because the beams and deck are placed as inclined elements to accommodate the required fall of approximately 10%.

There was a very tight program of 18 months for the design and construction. That meant a huge challenge and had a direct impact in the structural design and final scheme adopted. Furthermore, it was necessary to coordinate and make compatible construction works of the platform with the adjacent construction works of a semi-buried car park. The structural scheme had to be simple enough for quick fabrication and site assembling. Moreover, the Valira d’Orient river that the platform flies over is protected by very restrictive environmental regulations.

Principally, the platform had to host the finishing area, including the demountable grandstands, of the FIS Alpine Skiing World cup finals in March 2019, which was achieved, despite there were some secondary parts and surrounding areas to be completed. Development of the 450 bay semi-buried carpark continued through the summer months, the roof of which would extend the skiing area by another 7,000m² ahead of the 2019-20 ski season.

The joint Venture of Helium Engineering (Andorra and UK, formerly Ob.enginyeria), Guillem Valdés (Andorra), Pondio Ingenieros (Spain) and Michel Virlogeux  (France) provided the Civil and Structural design services of the infrastructure for temporary and permanent conditions.

Success could only be achieved with the valuable and professional collaboration of all parties working in fast track mode. Developer´s team in conjunction with Architects/Engineers and a joint venture of main and specialised contractors delivered the project on time. The World Cup events and races were a complete success, not only for the ski resort but for Andorra as a country and touristic destination with winter sports as the flagship attraction. In recognition of the huge effort that all the parties put towards the success of the event, the International Ski Federation (FIS) has granted to Soldeu-Tarter, in GrandValira, the organization of the finals of the Alpine Ski World Cup in 2023, with views and hope of organizing the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships soon in the years to come.