Architect : Orobitg A&U, Area : 5,700 m², Project and Construction : 2014-16

This is a luxury residential development in a plot facing two roads (front and rear) at different levels in the town centre of Andorra la Vella, Andorra. Planning regulations allowed for a multistory building at the front and the private car park space and a residential house at the rear.

In fact, basement, ground and first floor levels of the multistory building were design finally as commercial premises.

The front structure was designed as an RC frame scheme. The structural solution of the rear, that allocated the car park, wellness facilities and the private house above (with diaphanous spaces), had to have long spans that were design as post-tension concrete slabs and transfer beams.


Underpinning of neighbouring properties was quite challenging because along one side there was a 4-start hotel in use that demanded specific noise control, and at the other side there was a listed building in pour structural/stability conditions.