Client : HANSON PROMOCIONS, Architect : Orobitg – A&U, Area : 2.594 m², Project and construction  : 2009/11

The building is located at Dr. Mitjavila street, near the bridge of Paris, in Andorra la Vella.
Two-story basement, commercial area at street level, offices at 1st floor and residential at upper levels.

We were commissioned for the demolition, excavation and  structural project.

A four-sides contiguous micro-piled propped wall was design considering the surcharge of adjacent buildings. Groundwater level was high and therefore pumping out procedures were implemented even until self weight of structure above ground floor was able to compensate uplift water pressures.

An RC frame scheme created diaphanous areas in the parking, commercial and office levels, as no columns between walls (central core and sides) permitted spans up to 9.5 meters.