Client : Julia Perfumeries, Architect : Orobitg A&U, Area : 1,300 m²
Project and Construction : 2012/13

Modification and restyling of the façade and shopping area of the headquarters of Julia Perfumeries, Escaldes, Andorra.

During construction works office floors had to be in working order and routes of access and egress  fully operational.

External steelwork 3D trusses spanned from side to side of the building to support the new HAVER wire Architectural mesh cladding covering 300 m². 1250 LED profiles were discreetly attached to the reverse side of 17 mesh elements transforming the cladding into a giant advertising screen.

Projects consisted of a new exterior structural skin for the façade,  and the interior structural alterations related to cope the new operation plans of the commercial area.