Client : Grup Calbó, Architect : Orobitg – A&U, Construction area :  13.340  m², Project and construction: 2006/09

In the village of Soldeu, Andorra, there is a unique 5-star hotel surrounded by an amazing  natural environment, probably, one of the best in the Pyrenees.
Plenty of Ground and Structural Engineering challenges.

A building that demanded a massive excavation in the slope with a vertical cut of over 18 meters and 100 meters long along the principal road leading to the France border. A huge Reinforced Concrete frame Structure forming 3 blocks with many peculiarities such as Foundations laying on different strata, heavy loaded transfer beams to avoid columns in the lower parking levels, shear walls to support lateral soil pressure due to the semi-buried conditions, expansion joists avoiding double-columns, and compatibility with timber trusses forming the roof.