Client : Grup Calbó
Architect : Orobitg – A&U
Construction area :  5.100  m²
Project and Construction : 2005/09

This spa wellness center is a reference in Europe. It is a unique space to enjoy an unforgettable experience: 5000 m² of peace, an oasis of calm, silence, far from the crowd after a hard day of skiing and mountain activities.

A major vertical excavation cut to 20 m below main road level (top-down construction of an anchored retaining wall in a hit and miss fashion) permitted the 6-story semi-buried building to be constructed.

The structural project was a big challenge. It was solved as an RC frame structure of which it is highlighted some singular elements such as cantilevered stairs with top and bottom stepped shape, 3 story high slender columns, long cantilevered balconies, glue laminated timber trusses for the roofs with attic spaces and skylights, and swimming pools at different floors (none of them at foundations level).