List and images of projects led for and on behalf of Abbey Pynford (in-house design Team).

Addresses may not be complete for confidentiality.

List is organised from 2013 (at the bottom) to more recent projects (at the top).

. Shotcrete Vaults reconstruction at Flax mill Maltings, Shrewsbury (Permanent Structural design: AKT II)

. Pynford Beams at Swindon Carriage Works, London

. Soil retention Schemes at Hillview Care Centre, Ware (Collaboration: Pile designs ltd)

. Underpinning design at Kidderpore Hall, London (Superstructure Engineering: Tully De’Ath consultants)

. Retrofit Basement at Glebe Place, London (Permanent Structural design: Parmabrook)

. Basement and Foundations at KOKO, London (Permanent Structural design: HTS), (Collaboration: Pile designs ltd)

. QUEEN’S THEATRE, Wall removal and basement Vaults alterations, London (Superstructure Engineering: Conisbee)

The project was shortlisted in the IstructE AWARDS 2018 in two categories: Structural transformation and Outstanding value.

. Pynford Beam and Underpinning works at Hoddington state, Main house (Permanent Structural design: Allan Baxter)

. Piled ground beam at Packet Boat House, Uxbridge

. Underpinning and various temporary works at ST ALBANS MUSEUM (Permanent Structural design: Allan Baxter)

. The SMITHY Lift and Move, Denmark street, London, (Permanent Structural design: Engenuiti)

. Underpinning design at Sundridge Park Mansion (Permanent Structural design: Train and Kemp)

. Retrofit Basement at Orme Square, London (Permanent Structural design: MNP)

. Retrofit Basement at Upper Phillimore Gardens, London (Permanent Structural design: Sinclair Johnson)

. Underpinning design at Nottingham Street, London (Permanent Structural design: Michael Hadi Associates)

. Retrofit Basement at Langley Park Hotel, Iver (Permanent Structural design: Sinclair Johnson)

. Underpinning design at Wilton Place, London

. Retrofit Basement and upper temporary works at Portland Place, London (Permanent Structural design: Sinclair Johnson)

. Retrofit Basement at Woodlans, Pine Grove London (Permanent Structural design: Davis Maguire)

. Retrofit Basement at Belgrave Sq, London (Permanent Structural design: Michael Barclay Partners)

. Underpinning at Grange Road, London (Permanent Structural design: Conisbee)