List and images of projects led for and on behalf of Abbey Pynford (in-house design Team).

Addresses may not be complete for confidentiality.

List is organised from 2013 (at the bottom) to more recent projects (at the top).

. Underpinning piled raft and upstand at Trinity grove, London 

. Retrofit consolidation of retaining walls at Platt Cemetery, Amersham

. Retrofit Basement at Bloomfield Terrace, London

. Underpinning piled raft at Grange Road, Lewes (Superstructure Engineering: Ellis Structures)

. Underpinning piled raft at Riverside Community Centre, Carshalton

. Underpinning piled raft at Rose Gardens, Edgware

. Underpinning piled needles at Laycock Centre, London (Superstructure Engineering: Conisbee)

. Retrofit Basement at Hill Street, London (Superstructure Engineering: Stand Consulting engineers)

. Basement at Horsby House School, London (Superstructure Engineering: Terrell Structures)

. Basement and podium slab at Stortford Road (Superstructure Engineering: JMS consultants)

. Retrofit Basement at Queens Grove, London


. Underpinning piled raft , Ailsa Court, Rochester

. Retrofit Basement at Redington Road, London

. Retrofit Basement at Carlton Hill, London

. New Basement, Olivia court, Hythe

. Retrofit Basement at Lyndhurst Gardens, London

. Retrofit Basement at Culross Street, London