Client : Casa Fiter, Architect : Max de Cusa, Area : 1.400 m²
Project and construction: 2009/11

Building located in the heart of Andorra la Vella, Andorra.

We provided consultancy services for the demolition of the existing building and design of the new structure. An RC frame scheme solved the general approach. Inclined ties (steelwork) held back the long cantilevered corner of the slabs at each level because they could not be connected to the party-wall end.

It was interesting the design and construction of the double curvature geometry of the soffit of first floor slab trying to emulate the “previous” shape of the street passage ceiling. Furthermore, the original granite blocks that formed the ground floor columns were perforated and re-utilised to allow new concrete columns to pass through. The idea was to keep the appearance of the original covered street passage that matched with neighboring buildings forming a square.